Clothing Style 5 Tips To Define It

Whether tall, very small, thin, curvaceous; brown hair or as blond as wheat, with straight or frizzy hair, it is not always easy to tame fashion so that it sticks to our personality or the image we want to give of ourselves.

As I said, the way you present yourself to the world says a lot about you. It is therefore important to work on your style of dress whatever your morphology. Like our icons who, even in a hurry and badly awakened, even sick, tired, or with a hangover, always wear outfits that suit them perfectly, which highlight their uniqueness and make them unique in the eyes of the world.

Clothing style: definition

So to start with, what is a clothing signature? Well, it’s just an outfit that perfectly suits your image. It can also be a distinctive sign (of your outfit, your make-up, or your hairstyle) that only refers to you and that everyone envies you.

Still can’t see?

Here are some examples of signature clothing:

  • Marilyn Monroe and her platinum blonde.
  • Geneviève de Fontenay and her hat.
  • Jain and his Claudine collar.
  • Dita von teese and her pin-up look.

As you can see in these different examples, a signature can be more or less extensive and based on one or more elements (hairstyle, makeup, outfit). To help you create your clothing signature, affirm your style, and appropriate fashion trends without denying who you are, here are 5 easy and practical tips to implement.

1- Choose your favorite criterion

We saw it above. A successful clothing signature is based on very specific criteria. To help you make your choice, I suggest three lines of thought to help you determine your basic criteria:

The “physical” criterion

Carmine’s red lips, a collection of checkered shirts, a flamboyant red hair color, hair styled in a bun, legs always in a skirt or a dress… it’s the asset that conditions your outfit and that will remain fixed whether it rains, whether it’s snowing or windy. If you choose a “physical” criterion to define your signature dress, make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses, your strengths and your faults. Indeed, it would be a shame to obtain the opposite of the expected result…

The “professional” criterion

A business suit and heels (if you work in a bank), riding pants and leather boots (if you’re a pony-game instructor or entertainer), jeans, a blouse, and an old-fashioned apron ( if you are a pastry chef or a saleswoman in a tea room)… Your profession is an integral part of your identity and can very well serve as a basis for defining your clothing signature. You can very well continue to wear riding boots outside the show grounds, for example.

The “whimsical” criterion

Pale pink is your favorite color, you love liberty, you are passionate about birds… Decide to integrate this “passion” element into each of your outfits and to decline it according to the circumstances in clothes, accessories…

2- Create a look that reflects your personality

Do not forget. Never leave home without making sure you look like the person you want to be!

But by the way, who do you want to be? Do you want to appear confident, classy, and sophisticated? Do you want to be perceived as the cool and trendy girl who always wears comfortable and casual clothes? Are you passionate about ballerinas, and ankle boots or are you more of a fan of high or even vertiginous heels?

Try to imagine the person you want to show.

Creating this mental image will guide you in deciding which pieces to add to your wardrobe. This will save you time in the shops and refine your style over time. Indeed, a woman who wishes to highlight her rock side will no longer waste her time looking at pastel blouses and dotted Swiss sweaters but will go directly to leather perfectos and red and black checkered shirts for example. Saving time, saving money, and above all the assurance of having consistent outfits and a harmonized wardrobe!

3- Give in to the temptation of the uniform

It’s no secret. Some men of influence – Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs… to name but a few – have chosen to adopt a “uniform”. For Mark Zuckerberg, wearing only gray jeans and white shirts would be a great way to lighten up his mind and stop worrying about questions as “futile” as fashion. Without going that far, you can very well set simple benchmarks for your outfits and choose to evolve within this small perimeter that you will have created.

It can be a particular item of clothing: you only wear skirts. It can be a color: you only wear white blouses. It can be an accessory: you wear different sneakers every day. But you can also define a complete set that you will decline in all tones, according to the seasons or the circumstances.

For example the mix of straight, well-cut pants that are a little wide/very soft large V-neck sweater/golden jewelry/derbies that you can choose from in all shades, or the mix of slim jeans/checked shirt open to a lace camisole/studded boots. laces/headband…

4- Get inspired by your favorite silhouettes

When you don’t like fashion or shopping, getting dressed can quickly become a very painful activity. The following trick is perfect for lazy women who want to have style without perpetually worrying about themselves, those who don’t want to lock themselves into a particular dress code, and those who like their wardrobe to adapt to all their moods ( funky, classic, casual or chic ..), those who like things done quickly but well done…

When you walk into a clothing store, simply scan the models on display, choose an outfit you like, and shop for all the items. You will thus have the assurance of having perfectly thought-out and coherent outfits, which follow the trends and the seasons. If you are addicted to online shopping, abuse lookbooks. Not having to wander through the hundreds of pages to find out what to match with that pretty rust dress you fell in love with will greatly simplify your life!

PS: If you adopt this method, I also recommend the one that I call “the rebound tactic”. To do this, let’s take the example of the little rusty dress, your first choice. Scanning the site, you see it worn with a pretty navy blue floral bomber jacket. So you take the bomber jacket to complete the rust dress. The bounce technique is to buy the bomber jacket with the rest of the featured outfit (a navy pleated midi skirt and white blouse). It’s a very effective technique to fill your wardrobe with ease and have the guarantee of being able to easily mix the pieces of your wardrobe!

5- Do not tempt the devil

If you feel more comfortable composing classic and sophisticated outfits or if you are more familiar with the looks of a casual chic woman, don’t try anything else. I know that at the moment unusual clothing associations are popular (always to find your style) but for me, when it comes to style, it’s not all about experimentation, daring, and taking risks.

Indeed, to hell with the standards imposed by stylistic propriety in the name of singularity and self-affirmation is a very bad bet. If developing your definition of “good taste” may seem, at the time, much more liberating and fulfilling than conforming to the dictates of our wardrobe… the game is usually not worth the candle. Of course, as I said in the first place, fashion can remain a playground and nothing prevents you from spicing up your outfits with mini risks, such as wearing a brooch unearthed in a flea market, wearing a wide belt on a dress that has become too big, to wear silver sequined shoes, to slip a sophisticated comb (like Rose in Titanic) in your hair, or even to curl up in the jeans of your man…. But not too much is needed.

In terms of fashion, as in terms of cocktails, it is to be consumed in moderation. Too much eccentricity harms health. So stick to what you know best, it will be easier for you to create your signature dress!

And There you g! You have arrived at the end of your quest for your style of dress. I hope that thanks to my advice, you will have learned to deal with your silhouette, your personality, and your desires, that you know a little better your magnificent assets and your tiny flaws, and above all, that you have chosen the image that you wanted to offer to the eyes !!!!

So yes, it’s true, taking power over our reflection will require quite a few meditation sessions (to succeed in visualizing the direction in which you want to go), a lot of benevolence towards yourself (and towards all your little one’s complexes), to develop your curiosity for fashion, its styles, its trends and a thousand (more or less) uninhibited fittings in front of the mirror… but it’s worth it, isn’t it? Just imagine! You have finally succeeded in appropriating fashion without altering your personality! Isn’t that a wonderful step forward? Of course ye! So now that your wardrobe is made up of pieces corresponding to the style of clothing that makes you “all beautiful”, there is only one thing left to do: believe in yourself and wear your style of clothing with confidence!

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