10 Wedding Entertainment Ideas To Impress And Amuse Guests

Do you want to impress your guests at your wedding? Do you want your guests to have a blast and remember this important day for a long time? You are in the right place! With these 10 wedding entertainment ideas, you are sure to impress your guests and above all to share a magical moment with them.

Bored guests are every self-respecting bride’s nightmare. Does the fear of finding photos of your wedding on Instagram accompanied by the hashtag #worstweddingever bother you? Do not panic! Here are 10 crazy entertainment ideas for your wedding. Wow, the effect is guaranteed!

1) The photobooth

Making Polaroids available to guests has become standard practice at most weddings. But if you can count on a friend or a cousin who takes great photos, or even better, a professional photographer, bet on originality by creating a real “photo booth” or “photo call” space (like the stars when they attend a big event).
How? By staging a dedicated space: Use a large bottomless frame on which will be inscribed the date of your wedding as well as your name and that of your future husband, with a flowery arch, by providing accessories and cardboard. Your guests can follow one another alone or in groups to have fun.

Tip: Remember to leave accessories nearby to allow them to dress up, such as mustaches, hats, or even complete superhero outfits if you are a Marvel fan. Cheap wedding accessories that you can order here.

2) The confessional revisited

Reality TV shows aren’t exactly a guarantee of elegance. However, if there is one thing that we must all remember from this type of TV program, it is the confessional!
Create one for your wedding so your guests can leave you messages.
Not only will they have a blast, but you’ll also get amazing video memories.

3) The original guestbook

Writing a note and signing the guestbook is one of the essential activities of a wedding.
Shake up the codes by inviting your guests to draw, write or scribble on a large book or even better, a large canvas. By leaving the field free to their creativity, you can be sure that they will vote you the bride of the year.
Most? This canvas will be a great souvenir that you can even hang in your living room (it all depends on whether Marc Chagall is your best friend).​

4) Fair activities

Duck fishing, popping balloons, cotton candy bar…: we sense that you are not sure if this matches the theme of your wedding.
Know that deep down in every adult is a child who is just waiting for the right moment to wake up. So, how about being the one who will bring her guests back to childhood? Rest assured that they will have a great time and will thank you for this recreational moment. Just use your creativity to make it a pretty corner in the decorative tones of your evening.

5) Outdoor games

The ultimate benefit of a wedding outdoors or in a venue with a large garden is the space you have for entertainment. If you have this chance, take the opportunity to offer your guests different games and universes.
In one corner, you can set up a petanque area.
In another, set up a bowling alley (no need to ruin yourself: a ball and old tin cans covered with decorative paper will suffice).
You can also set up a darts stand, table football, or even a poker table.

6) The make-up corner for women

This animation may only concern women, but believe us: they will forever be grateful to you!
Over the hours, from dancing, laughing, and drinking glasses of champagne, our makeup needs to be refreshed. To avoid the rush in the toilets and so that your guests chat with each other, create a corner specially dedicated to make-up touch-ups.

Not only will each guest be able to take advantage of it and exchange make-up tips with others, but you can also be sure that men and children will invite themselves there, all curious as they are in front of so many products “ mysterious”.

7) The sweets and treats corner

Return to childhood guaranteed with this candy and sweet delicacies stand! The children will no longer want to leave and the adults will not be able to resist it. You can either provide sweets and small sachets or create a real space where you can even realize your greed. Ice cream sandwiches, s’mores, or candy apples, and cotton candy lend themselves perfectly to this type of entertainment.

Tip: If you’re worried about kids abusing sweets, you can set up a ticket system that only gives each child one candy of their choice.
For a more playful side, you can bet on a game during which children can win tickets giving them access to sweets. ​

8) The release of sky lanterns or balloons

Releasing balloons or lanterns into the sky is one of the most popular activities at a wedding. Be careful, this is not an animation that you can improvise the day before your wedding. An official permission request must be completed and sent one month before the date you intend to release balloons or sky lanterns.

But think carefully about the materials you send into the sky: this type of animation can be harmful to the environment if the objects sent are not easily biodegradable.

9) The dance battle

At a wedding, we all take ourselves, at one time or another, for John Travolta or Beyoncé. How about spicing things up a bit by hosting a dance battle? You can either form teams or rent or borrow a dance battle game such as Just Dance.

Tip: provide your guests with flip-flops after the dance competition, because their feet will very likely hurt them. Failing this, distribute plasters and provide buckets of fresh water in the garden with soft towels, a fun effect is guaranteed!

10) Board games

The number one enemy of marriage? Dead times. To prevent your guests from wasting away or losing their enthusiasm, consider capturing their attention during downtime by organizing board games or blind tests. One of the key times when you can organize this is when the waiters are clearing.
Often, it is your guests who lead these dead times, but surprise them by mobilizing them! A blind test on your key music, do they know you well, and win prizes like a dinner invitation!

And the children?

Don’t neglect your wedding guests in shorts!
Not only is it an important moment for them, but in addition, parents will not be able to have fun if their toddlers throw a tantrum because they are bored.

Think of them during the cocktail by including them in your outdoor games: balloons, chamboul’tout, bubbles… You can also involve them in the distribution of small gifts to your guests (such as fans if is hot).
Plan occupations on their table: board games, white sheets and pencils for drawing or coloring, legos, cards, magic tricks, etc.
A room with films, a costume trunk, and music they also like to dance to are just some of the details that will make them happy.
The top if your budget allows it: is a babysitter (sometimes a small ticket for a teenage neighbor is enough).

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