How To Choose And Wear An Oversize Shirt

So oversized shirts are an absolute must in your trendy wardrobe. They add a casual and trendy touch to your outfit while giving you the comfort you need. But hey, how to choose them and wear them with style? Here are the tips and ideas for creating stylish looks with your oversized shirt. We’re going to talk about layering, accessories that make the difference, and combinations of pieces that kill. From the chill look for a relaxed day to the chic outfit for a night out, here are all the tips you need to become a style pro with your oversized shirt.

What is an oversized shirt?

You might be wondering, what exactly is an oversized shirt? The oversized shirt is simply a shirt that offers you absolute comfort while allowing you to hide your little complexes. Indeed, its size is generally larger than classic shirts and its cut can be straight or loose. As you will have understood, the oversized shirt is the ideal choice for active women looking for a garment that is both comfortable and easy to wear. No more uncomfortable constraints and tightness, with the oversize shirt, you can feel comfortable all day long. Whether you want to camouflage some curves or simply enjoy optimal freedom of movement, the oversized shirt is there to satisfy you. So, Don’t hesitate any longer and adopt this fashion trend that combines casual style and practicality. One thing is certain, you won’t be able to do without your oversized shirt once you’ve tried it on!

Reasons why oversize is trendy

Fashion continues to evolve to offer us ever more daring styles. And among these trends, the oversize has taken our wardrobes by storm. But why opt for loose clothes? Well, first of all, because it’s super cool! In addition to being fashionable, it’s incredibly comfortable. And let’s face it, it also helps to hide some small shapes that we prefer not to worry too much about. The idea is to perfectly combine comfort and style. And let’s talk about this style! Oversized shirts, for example, are not only stylish but also downright hip. They are worn both in a formal and casual context. They are the flagship piece of this year. So here are our tips to make you feel ultra-modern and youthful. Know that wearing a very large shirt does not mean sacrificing style for comfort. On the contrary, it is often a combination of the two. So don’t hesitate any longer, dare to go oversize and make a splash!

How to choose an oversize shirt?

Before learning how to properly wear an XXL shirt, it is crucial to find the model that perfectly matches your tastes and your style. Don’t worry, there are a multitude of them, so you won’t be long in finding the one that will make you crack! The trend is oversize at the moment. So favor looser cuts. Then let’s move on to the material. Satin, for example, is ultra-trendy, while cotton remains a must. Or why not opt ​​for the softness of silk, synonymous with absolute chic?

When it comes to colors, follow your preferences, but also keep in mind the trendy shades of the moment.

To start gently, opt for a classic white shirt, a real must-have for this trend. Once you have adopted this style, do not hesitate to diversify by opting for colorful, striped, or paisley-patterned XXL shirts.

We adore Kelly green, delicate parma, or ultra-modern color combinations such as anthracite gray and neon green, or pink and orange. Now that you’ve finally chosen your perfect shirt, it’s time to discover our valuable tips for wearing it in style.

What trendy looks with an XXL shirt?

Are you looking for a trendy and elegant look with an oversized shirt? Do not panic, you are spoiled for choice!

When oversized shirt meets casualness

Want an effortlessly chic look? So adopt the oversized shirt worn loosely! We leave it slightly closed and fall negligently over pants or fitted jeans. For a casual look, you can wear it with sneakers, but also with pumps for a more unexpected and assertive style. Another cool way to wear it is to roll up the sleeves and let it fall on the back of the body, which frees up the head carriage and gives the oversized shirt a uniquely feminine look. It doesn’t matter if you wear it tucked in or pulled out, just choose the option that feels most comfortable to you. And don’t leave that oversized shirt out of your winter wardrobe! It will be perfect with a turtleneck sweater underneath.

Combine the XXL shirt with a skirt

If you want to give your short skirts a new look, why not try pairing them with an oversized shirt? It’s a simple and effective way to completely transform your look! Short skirts with flowing, skater or ruffled cuts go particularly well with this trend. The idea is to create a contrast between the femininity of the skirt and the casual side of the oversized shirt. You can also play with the lengths by layering an oversized shirt on a long pleated skirt. The effect will be resolutely boyish and will bring a certain originality to your outfit. Do not hesitate to dare this mix of styles to reveal a new facet of your wardrobe!

In asymmetric mode

These large blouses are perfect for creating super original looks and stepping out of the office-restaurant uniform. Imagine a little, playing with excess materials, it’s just great. You can tuck in the front of the shirt to give it a little puffiness or even tie a knot in summer, and at the back, you let it float in the wind for a superfluid effect. Or, you can simply tuck in only one side of the shirt at the bottom. With these asymmetrical shirts, the possibilities are endless to have a unique and stylish look.

When the oversized shirt turns into a trendy dress

Do you want to be trendy this summer on the beach? So why not opt ​​for an oversized shirt dress? This versatile piece can be worn open or closed over your swimsuit for a cool, laid-back look. But that’s not all, the oversized shirt-dress can also be worn in town in many ways! If your XXL shirt is long enough, it can stand on its own. You can choose to belt it or not, depending on your style and your desire for femininity or a boyish side. For a more fashionable look, you can pair it with a sleeveless jacket, a cropped sweater, or a V-neck sleeveless knit sweater, accompanied by boots, ankle boots, or even chunky boots. So give free rein to your creativity and adopt the oversized shirt dress trend this summer!

oversized shirt dress

Discover the art of layering: a new way to play

Want to spice up your look? Use layering and start with an oversized shirt! Here are some ultra-stylish ideas to inspire you: let it hang over a winter sweater for a trendy effect, wear it over a long skirt or pants for a killer look, or even leave it open under a short sweater to reveal your shorts or your favorite cyclist. With layering, the possibilities are endless to create a unique and bold style. So be daring and make a splash with your overlays!

It is possible to wear this piece as an over-shirt or as a jacket for mid-season.

Another option is to turn your oversized shirt into a jacket or overshirt, to layer over any look to give it an edgier edge. If you are looking for a feminine/masculine contrast, consider pairing it with a high-waisted crop top, for example, a plaid shirt. Otherwise, for more discreet femininity, opt for denim shorts and a small silk camisole.

This style works especially well with oversized denim shirts, lumberjack-style flannel shirts, and khaki-colored shirts. Choose a shirt that is a little thick and flowing, and that holds up without being too rigid.

It must be said that we don’t think often enough of all the possibilities offered by this versatile shirt!

So, ready to adopt the oversized shirt trend for a trendy and elegant look? Let your creativity run wild and have fun with the endless possibilities of this fashion staple! You can even test with a men’s shirt at home to practice!

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