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Marriage! This word evokes in the mind of any young girl, a turning point, one of the most significant in her life. As soon as it is celebrated, a new chapter opens in the life of the spouses. Marriage implies the exit of the young girl from the world of celibacy and it is an event. The tradition of the bachelorette party has been carried on for decades by future brides and their loved ones. This event is meant to be festive. From this point of view, decoration occupies a central place in the success of the organization. If you have a friend or sister who is getting married soon, you are probably planning to organize a bachelorette party for her. Pick here some ideas to decorate with excellence the setting in which the event will be held!

Choose a theme for the EVJF

Event decoration is not simply the combination of several objects and accessories to make the space pleasant to see. This must be part of a clear dynamic for everyone. For example, it would be incomprehensible if the decoration for a corporate event contained elements reminiscent of the wedding. That said, to decorate the space in which you want to organize a bachelor party, choose a theme that relates to it. There are a multitude of them. You can opt for a theme such as Princess, Unicorn, Disney, Mario, Sailor, 1990s, etc. By defining a theme for your event, you define a guideline for the realization of the decoration.

You will indeed choose elements that refer to the theme. The goal is to create an atmosphere that is out of the ordinary and in which all the participants in the party will immerse themselves. If you opt for the “Princess” theme, for example, you will need to select objects evoking power, charm, and prestige. For the “Unicorn” theme, balloons take the shape of this imaginary animal, so the colors white and pink can be integrated into the decor. In short, by knowing the theme of her EVJF decoration, the professional or occasional decorator will be able to look for the right objects in the shops. Many sellers offer personalized support to customers. With them, you will be advised and guided toward the best choices.

Create an atmosphere with balloons

Decorative balloons are essential for event decoration and therefore have their place in the place where a bachelor party is organized. One of their advantages is that they are available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whatever the chosen bachelor party decoration theme, you will need a good amount of balloons. From the pediment of the door to the ceiling through the furniture, all spaces and objects can be decorated with balloons. You can combine several small balloons of the same or different sizes and colors to create decorative structures.

For example, you can make a bow with these accessories. Giant balloons can also be used to further embellish the space. If the bachelor party is organized in the yard at home, consider tying small balloons to trees if there are any. You also have the possibility of aligning numbers and letters in the decor with specific balloons. You can therefore install in everyone’s view, decorative balloons forming the letters EVJF. Push the personalization of the decoration further by opting for balloons to form the first name of the future bride. It’s also up to you to reproduce the subject of the wedding theme if that tells you!

EVJF: bet on colors

Party rhymes with colors. To successfully decorate on the sidelines of an EVJF, you will need to color the space. However, it is not a question of associating colors randomly. Depending on the chosen theme, certain colors should be preferred. Make sure there is a match between the colors of the balloons and those of the table linens, flowers, and the like. We recommend that you choose two or three main colors that will be visible throughout the decor.

If white and pink are usually used in the context of events relating to love, they are still not mandatory. You can make your loved one’s favorite color the main one for decoration. You will find in festive decoration shops, various objects in blue, yellow, gold, brown, green, purple, aluminum, red, black, etc. Do not hesitate to create a richly colored decor that will make the girl in the spotlight live a fantastic daydream.

Create a backdrop for taking photos to keep track of the bachelorette party

A bachelor party is a unique event. It is important to keep track of it with photos. If you are in charge of decorating for such an event, please create a photo-friendly setting. This consists of decorating a wall or support that will serve as a background for the photographs. Again, consider the theme of the event to accomplish this task.

You will need a photo booth or photocall kit to do this. You can find them in event decoration shops. Several accessories are available to create backgrounds as varied as they are original. You can, for example, create a decor with tree leaves, flowers, stars, crowns, unicorns, and other artificial elements. You have the option of setting up a photocall both indoors and outdoors. When purchasing the accessory kit, tell the seller where you want to create the photo shooting area.

Opt for bright accessories

The bachelorette party usually doesn’t end until nightfall. So remember to make the decoration visible at night. Accessories are available for this. You can acquire a few balloons containing LED bulbs. Choose different colors to create a decor that is not seen every day.

If there’s a tree in the setting you want to hold the event in, opt for a lighted cage that you hang from a branch. Luminous decorative accessories in the form of fibers and plant leaves will blend in with your decor. You will also find on the market palm trees and luminous cotton plants which give a particular aspect to the decoration.

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