7 Tips for Organizing a Wedding At Sea

Saying “Yes!” » on a cruise ship or during a stopover is an original idea for a unique wedding. Here are 7 elements to take into account to create, for your clients, a dream wedding that suits them.

Choices to make

Ask your clients about the allocated budget, the style of ceremony sought, and the desired itinerary. This will allow you to offer them informed suggestions. Once your reservation is complete, you can contact the cruise line’s wedding department to begin planning.

Please note that it is possible to offer your clients a tour of certain ships by meeting the wedding coordinator on board, to take an overview of potential ceremony locations (if the wedding takes place on board), and even to taste the gastronomy offered. Expect around $300 for this service.

A wedding on the ship: at sea or in port?

Most weddings take place at the port of embarkation or one of the ports of call. Depending on the latter, the bride and groom may have to obtain a marriage license in advance or appear at the nearest courthouse on the same day. They will sometimes be required to be accompanied by one to four witnesses, to pass medical tests (as is the case in Puerto Rico), days to arrive one to three days in advance (as in New Mexico). Orleans). It is therefore essential to pay particular attention to the legislation of the country in question.

It is also good to know that some cruise lines can organize weddings at sea. The ceremony can take place,e in a lounge, a restaurant, or at the library. Weather permitting, it may be possible to hire a marquee and get married on one of the bridges.

A destination wedding

It can also be idyllic to get married on an island or in a large capital, on a terrace overlooking the sea, at the foot of a glacier, on a beach, in a villa or a castle. e companies have the organized land, where they can organize ceremonies.

You can also use the services of a  local event planner to plan a wedding in the heart of an enchanting site. This will help him — and your customers! — to put together an exceptional marriage, off the ship. The organizer benefits from contacts at the destination thanks to which he will be able to negotiate better prices and present places that are often more original than those offered by the ships.

Symbolic or legal ceremony

At sea, it is ceremony othershipsperforms the ceremony, a; on the ship when in port and at a destination outside the ship, it is rather an official celebrant  (notary, judge, etc.) who will be responsible. In both cases, the ceremony is legal and recognized by the government authorities of the country with which the cruise line is registered.

For those who do not wish to burden themselves with administrative hassles, it is possible to stick to a purely symbolic ceremony.

Finally, some companies celebrate same-sex marriages, symbolically or legally, under the laws in force in the countries visited.

In all cases, it is necessary to carefully check the documents to be provided so that the union can be legallyWeddingnpackagesing packages

Wedding packages are charged extra and generally include the following: onboard wedding coordinator, wedding ceremony and venue rental, pre bluand m, UI buttonhole cake e, bouquet and buttonhole, a bottle of certificate wine,photographereifiate and photographer (one hour).

Please note that surcharges apply for weddings taking place, in May, June September, and October as well as on national holidays.

In addition, the companies suggest a bachelorette party, a bachelor party, a pre-ceremony cocktail, a reception the same evening, a brunch the next day, spa treatments, a videographer, a gift delivery service in the guest room…

The details that make the difference

The gift registry

  • Some cruise lines offer this service online or through a mobile application: Guests can then offer the bride and groom a gift certificate for the spa, a specialty dinner, an excursion, or any other attention available on the ship


  • The ship has local and exotic flowers for the bouquet and buttonhole. However, it is forbidden to bring your flowers on board or take them out of the ship, unless they are made of silk.

The cake and the sculptures

  • The bride and groom can choose the number of layers of the cake, its flavor, and its decorations. In addition, it is possible to order sculptures of ice, fruits, vegetables, and even butter!

Music and photos

  • The music is pre-recorded, but the bride and groom can decide, for an additional fee, to opt for live music with a DJ, quartet or singer

And the bride and groom’s guests in all this?

Most cruise lines accept wedding groups of up to 150 guests. Depending on the number of participants, additional costs are charged for the organization of the wedding.

The bride and groom can also invite, both to the ceremony and to the reception, guests not staying on the ship: they will receive, or not, authorization to board depending on the legislation of the country where the wedding will take place. You should know that a maximum number of “non-cruise passengers” is authorized.

In any case, I suggest you stay for RT planning such as Keepto 12 months in advance. You will make sure to obtain the cabin category desired by your clients, guarantee their choice of ceremony and locations and you will help them plan everything in a serene setting.

In addition, it is very interesting for you to create a wedding group by reserving an allotment on a ship. You will thus obtain freebies depending on the number of cabins paid for and you will be able to use your “amenities” points to spoil the newlyweds.

Estimated package prices by cruise line segment

  • Contemporary: from $1,200 on board and $2,150 at destination
  • Premium: from $2,000 on board and $3,000 at destination
  • Luxury and great luxury: from $3,000 on board and $4,500 at destination

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