Turn Your Passion Into A Profession With The Cap Coiffure

The beauty sector is recruiting more and more qualified personnel, particularly in the field of hairdressing. The demand for services in this field is growing. Are you passionate about hairdressing? If you turned your passion into a profession with the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP) in hairdressing?

Why choose to do a hairdressing CAP?

Several reasons make the hairdressing CAP a wise choice to practice a profession in this field. First of all, it allows it to be automatically operational. Thus, obtaining it guarantees you rapid integration into the professional world.

Note that hairdressing CAP training is done either face-to-face or remotely. However, the advantage of a distance hairdressing CAP lies in its flexibility. Indeed, opting for this type of training allows you to learn at your own pace thanks to an intuitive platform. The latter gives access to all the content of the course program (PDF, quiz, videos) from anywhere using your smartphone or PC.

With this type of e-learning space, you can also benefit from the support of personal coaches throughout the training. These are teachers or professionals who help you better organize your schedule and better understand the concepts taught in class.

The relatively short duration (between one and three years) of hairdressing CAP training is an asset that justifies this choice for many people. The CAP coiffure is open to all and is perfectly suited to people undergoing professional retraining. Thanks to its flexibility, online CAP training for hairdressing professions allows retraining workers to keep their job and salaries throughout the transition process.

Hairdressing CAP training generally includes a complete program. At the end of this training, you will, for example, be able to make a haircut for men, women, and children. Likewise, hairstyles for special events like weddings will no longer be a secret to you.

Hairdressing CAP training is also an opportunity to learn all kinds of scalp and hair care. After this training, you will now be able to do hair colors like ash brown and perms. You will also learn how to do professional blow-drying or styling.

In addition, apart from the technical notions of hairdressing, you will learn during a hairdressing CAP training, techniques of communication, sales, customer reception, management, etc. This type of training adapts to the project you have in the beauty sector.

CAP hairstyle to work in a salon

With a hairdressing CAP, you can work in a salon as a hairdresser or barber.

Work as a hairdresser in a salon

It is a very popular profession after the CAP in the hairdressing professions. It is both manual and technical. By becoming a hairdresser in a salon, you are called upon to create and maintain the hair of your customers. For this, the hairdressing CAP allows you to master all the required techniques.

As a hairdresser in a salon, you must also advise your clients (men, women, and children) on the maintenance of their hairstyles. It should be noted that a hairdresser in a salon also represents a professional in the sale of all kinds of beauty products. For this, you must have a solid knowledge of marketing and good interpersonal skills to do this job.

Work as a barber in the salon

The barber is a professional hairdresser who specializes in maintaining the facial hair of his clients. The hairdressing CAP to become a barber gives you all the basic skills in terms of care, maintenance of beards and mustaches, shaving, etc. to practice this profession in the living room. Note that the barber job is one of the best paid in hairdressing, especially when you practice it on your account. The barber makes a precise diagnosis taking into account not only the desires of the client but also what he can offer as a service.

Become a hairdresser at home with a CAP

To do hairdressing independently, becoming a hairdresser at home is an interesting solution. However, it is only reserved for people with a professional diploma such as the CAP in the hairdressing trades. Indeed, you learn during the training the basics to practice hairdressing on your account and succeed. To do this, a course module on entrepreneurship is generally present in the training program.

The CAP in hairdressing professions essentially teaches you to:

  • carry out a hair diagnosis,
  • apply all kinds of hairdressing techniques, even the most complex ones such as hair contouring,
  • promote the activity of the hairdressing salon,
  • manage the relationship with customers,

The remuneration for own account is significantly higher than a salary as an employee in a salon. Depending on your specialty and experience, you can earn up to $1,800 in gross monthly income. Nevertheless, this forces you to have a greater time amplitude.

Becoming a hairdresser at home is a professional project whose success requires cultivating certain important values. These include, for example, patience, the spirit of teamwork, the ability to listen, etc.

Prerequisites for a Hairdressing CAP

The hairdressing CAP is accessible to any adult regardless of their basic training, diploma, physical condition, etc. However, a level of 3rd class at least promotes the assimilation of the concepts taught. This consists of having a good level of language, both written and spoken.

To be sure of passing the final exam, it is essential to register with an academy during October and November. The general and professional tests of this exam take place in May or June in an Apprentice Training Center (CFA).

Moreover, when you plan to follow a CAP hairdressing course, a few years of experience would be a real asset. In this case, the training will lead you to discover the professional processes used to carry out tasks to which you are accustomed daily. Once obtained, this diploma will allow you to gain more credibility with your customers.

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