7 Blogs To Prepare For Your Wedding

You are preparing for your wedding and you don’t know where to start. The organization, the decoration, your dress, your wedding cake… in short, you are running out of ideas for the big day. So why not get inspired by wedding blogs?

For some time now, social networks have been the preferred space for inspiration and ideas on any subject, including marriage. But there is another resource that also turns out to be a source of inspiration and information: blogs! No, they are not has-beens, quite the contrary. You will find many articles to answer your questions.

1/ The barefoot bride: to define her type of wedding and find the right contacts

What type of wedding can you be interested in, bohemian, elegant, country, rustic? You get married in winter or summer, by the sea, in the mountains. ..? The blog ” The barefoot bride ” offers you clear and complete articles as well as feedback from married couples. The blog, which has existed since 2009, provides all kinds of information on marriage, but its other strong point is its very exhaustive address book. Fashion, organization, video, photo, decoration… you are sure to find the rare pearl.
Regarding the make-up for your wedding, the blog scans all the trends and gives you beauty advice. Some examples of articles that caught our attention: are “Beauty Trend: the glow for the Bride” and “Beauty Trend: the matte red mouth for the Bride”.

2/ The angry bride: to anticipate the organization

The organization is the key to your marriage, but you don’t know where to start… What is certain is that you should not go about it at the last minute. For this, you can take inspiration from the blog ” The angry bride “. Here you will find a countdown (D – 1 year) to not forget any step before your union. “How to organize your wedding: a guide for the bride and groom” or “What do you need to organize a wedding?”. So many practical tips that will be very useful to you.

3/ My wedding dress: choose your wedding dress

The mermaid dress or the princess dress? And if I dared the short dress or the suit? You are lost, so what better than the web to have some leads? The blog ” My wedding dress ” helps you find the perfect dress thanks to many articles such as “How to choose your plus size wedding dress?” or even “The 10 mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding dress….” Advice, inspiration for dresses, good deals, we thank Alice the young bride at the origin of this pretty site.

4/ Madame C’s Blog: to steal decorative ideas

The decoration during a wedding is essential! And yes, for your wedding to be perfect, you need to find a decoration that suits you and that your guests will like. But how ? Wedding blogger for 13 years, Clémentine Marchal gives you lots of tips on her site ” Le blog de Madame C” . We like the uncluttered side of the blog, the testimonials of newlyweds on this day that changed their lives, all punctuated with beautiful images. Something to inspire without moderation! The particularly rich “decorating” section gives you ideas to test for your wedding. Flowers, table plan, furniture… there is something for everyone. The blog also offers a list of books as well as Pinterest accounts for decorating ideas. Articles to discover: “Les Noobah’s advice for successfully decorating your wedding”, “Ideas for guest gifts for your wedding” or “How to choose the colors for your wedding?”.

5/ Secret wedding: for unique invitations

The blog ” Wedding Secret” gives you advice for a country wedding with ideas for the table runner, the lights, and the floral arrangement… In addition to the decoration, the blog gives lots of advice
for your invitations: the choice of paper, colors, formats, typography styles, trends, envelopes… Articles like “7 golden rules for classic, chic, minimalist wedding invitations” or “Wedding invitation trends marriage 2020”, will be very useful to you.

1000-layer cake: to find the ideal cake

A wedding without cake? No, it does not exist! But do you know what your ideal cake is? On the blog ” 100 layer cake ” written in English, there are many images of wedding cakes. They range from the most classic to the most atypical. You will find floral mounted pieces, of different colors and shapes, in short, there is something for everyone! Original ideas also to suggest to your wedding caterer. The site also mounts a whole gallery of wedding bouquets. We like the compositions of pastel flowers, dried flowers, of different colors… The bouquets are extremely harmonious and unique. Something to inspire you!

7/ Green wedding shoes: for hairstyle ideas

What hairstyle are you going to choose on your wedding day? If this is still unclear to you, the blog ” Green wedding shoes ” is very popular in this area. It presents many photos of hairstyles: floral, with barrettes, with veils… In addition to the hairstyle, the blog offers you different DIY, (Do It Yourself). He explains how to make a flower crown yourself, table decoration, and original yogurts for your wedding. For a 100% homemade ceremony.

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