Skin Cycling The Skincare Routine To Adopt To Regain Beautiful Skin

After the caveman routine, the intermittent fasting, the layering, or even the slugging, it’s the turn of skin cycling to invade the social networks of skincare addicts, who swear by this new kind of routine.

Perfect skin, glowing complexion, and plump features are the tempting promises of skin cycling, but how do you go about enjoying it? Which products to use and in which order? For which skin types? We tell you everything you need to know about skin cycling, the essential skincare routine of the moment!

Skin cycling, what is it?

Skin cycling is a skincare routine developed by an American dermatologist, Whitney Bowe.

Its principle is simple: rather than multiplying the layers each evening, it is better to favor only 1 active ingredient per evening, and turn on 4-day cycles, some evenings of which are reserved for the rest of the epidermis.

In other words, leave only 1 key ingredient to work deeply each night, rather than applying 3 or more in a row, which tends to overload the skin and reduce the benefits of each ingredient.

And to believe the success of the dermatologist’s video on TikTok and other social networks, the effectiveness of skin cycling is indeed there!

Skin cycling in practice: a 4-day program

In practice, you will seeskin cycling is not rocket science, quite the contrary! We free ourselves from 250-step routines to get back to fast, simple, and effective things, we love it.

Evening 1: chemical exfoliation

The first evening of your skin cycling routine is devoted to gently exfoliating the skin. This step helps get rid of dead cells and other impurities that clog pores and can alter the evenness of skin tone and texture. Thus purified, the skin is ready to receive the other active ingredients used during a skin cycling routine.

The idea is to use a chemical scrub based on enzymes or fruit acids, which is applied to perfectly cleansed and cleansed skin (think of double cleansing, it changes your life!).

Once the exfoliation is complete, apply a generous layer of moisturizing or nourishing cream (depending on your skin’s needs), which will be able to act all night.

Evening 2: retinol

The next day, the second evening of skin cycling, it’s time for retinola star ingredient in the fight against skin aging.

Again, remove makeup and cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying your retinol serum. This ingredient acts by boosting cell renewal and stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid: plumped-up skin guaranteed!

If you have sensitive skin and don’t tolerate retinol or don’t tolerate it well, try bakuchiol, a very gentle plant-based alternative with comparable benefits.

Once your serum is well absorbed, apply a moisturizer to the face and neck.

Evenings 3 and 4: rest

The two evenings following the application of retinol, it is advisable to leave your skin alone so that it can regenerate and integrate the effects of exfoliation and retinol. Also, it is better to opt for a minimalist routine: gentle double cleansing, serum, moisturizing or nourishing cream, nothing more!

By offering your skin these little vacations, you preserve the microbiome and give it time to balance itself naturally by regenerating itself, this is an essential step.

And in the morning?

Skin cycling is an evening routine only, there is nothing special to do in the morning. We, therefore, advise you to stick to the basics: a light cleansing (or even a simple toning lotion), a radiance and hydration serum, and a day cream followed, of course, by a sufficient SPF.

Do not hesitate, moreover, to offer 1 or 2 days without makeup to your skin, this will allow it to rest and you will make the most of the effects of skin cycling.

What are the benefits of skin cycling?

If the skin cycling trend is so successful, it’s because its results are stunning.

Provided you show regularity and a little patience (allow 1 to 2 months to follow the routine to see its effects), you will enjoy a brighter and more radiant complexion, softer skin, much fewer imperfections, a refined skin texture, less visible spots, faded fine lines… In short, a real rebirth of the skin.

Not to mention the beneficial effects on your wallet, who will be delighted that you reduce the amount of skincare products you use!

What type of skin is this routine suitable for?


All skin types can benefit from the implementation of skin cycling, but it is undoubtedly acne-prone skin and certain sensitive skin that will benefit the most.

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