Male Clothing Trends The Essentials To Adopt

The stylish man is the one who knows how to choose the right style of dress to better assert his personality on every occasion. Today, men’s fashion has evolved and grown quite a bit, but some men still struggle to find the right clothes. If you are part of the lot, here are the essential clothing trends to adopt to stay trendy!

Personalized clothing: the original trend that is a hit

Since their appearance in clothing fashion, personalized clothing has quickly stood out. They represent the ideal solution to create an original style and make a difference among all the trends. For example, you can adopt a  personalized cap that will attract attention wherever you are, better than the eternal models that everyone is infatuated with.

Personalizing your clothes allows you to add your personal touch to achieve a unique look. Whether it’s your t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, or even your boxers, you have a wide choice of clothing items that you can have modified. You can choose song lyrics, photos, backgrounds, symbols, or text.

Streetwear style: comfort and fashion

Streetwear has long dwelt among gangsters and hip-hop followers before becoming a trend in menswear. This clothing style that appeared in the 80s and 90s, combining comfort and lightness, has completely conquered the urban world today. Its particularity lies in its flexibility which allows you to dress freely with a casual style.

The clothes that embody this look are sweatshirts, pants or jeans, tank tops, etc. Then add accessories such as sneakers or tennis shoes as well as caps to achieve the style.

The casual: the eternal timeless

Casual is the casual look par excellence. This trend, which dates back more than 10 years, is still relevant today. This popular style is very popular with men. With a simple shirt, jeans, sweater, and sneakers, you get the perfect casual look. You can choose the material and the color that suits you.

Whether it’s to go to work, on an outing, or even to university, the casual style adapts to all occasions. You can also add accessories such as a bracelet or a watch to give a personal touch to the style.

Le total Jean: the continuous trend

The total denim look is a clothing style recognized for its DIY side. It’s a trend that allows you to achieve cool and stylish looks without the fuss. You also have the option of customizing your total jeans look to give it a more original appearance. You will find a personalization provider for all types of items.

In addition, you do not need jeans from big brands to succeed in the total jean look. This is what makes the simplicity of this style of dress. A nice combination of jeans outfits is enough to achieve your total denim look. Above all, be as natural as possible in the choice of colors and accessories.

Loose pants: a trendy trend

Loose pants are one of those modern clothes that honor the 80s. They are perfectly comfortable and offer a  very trendy fashion style. Despite their oversized side, baggy pants can easily fit into your daily fashion without being embarrassing.

These garments are found in different models: with sliding closure, pleats, drapes, or clips. Opt for loose, cargo-type pants.

Bermuda shorts: a triumphant return to the trend

Bermuda shorts, these types of shorts for men that reveal the legs, have experienced a triumphant return to the trend scene. Light, comfortable, and airy, Bermuda shorts continue to appeal to men. These clothes are available in several materials: cotton, jeans, jersey, and cargo. They are more suitable for spring and summer.

Opt for short and fitted Bermuda models. Combine them with a polo shirt or a close-fitting t-shirt to enhance your silhouette and add sneakers or fabric converse for more comfort.

The color pink for men’s clothing: a style that lasts

Since 2010, the color pink continues to impose itself in men’s clothing fashion. This color long dedicated to women is perfect for me. However, avoid dressing all in pink. Instead, combine it with black or white to alter the contrast a bit.

Cargo pants: a comfortable look

The oversized nature of cargo pants makes them a very comfortable piece of clothing. Sporting a timeless streetwear style, it adapts easily to all silhouettes. When combined with a sweatshirt and a cap, a very pronounced urban style is obtained. In addition, by combining it with a casual jacket or shirt, you can have a perfect look for going to work.

Overshirts and urban collared shirts: allies for all seasons and body types

The overshirt is a hybrid garment between a jacket and a shirt. It can easily replace the jacket or sweater in winter and its lightness allows you to wear it at any time of the year. Opt for a wool-blend overshirt for optimal thermal comfort.

Whatever your morphology, the urban collar shirt will suit you perfectly. It clings to trends thanks to its timelessness and streetwear style. For your evenings, opt for sober colors on striped pants. Also, urban collar shirts with colorful patterns are better suited to Bermuda shorts.

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