What Sneakers To Wear With A Suit

In recent years, the fashion for costumes associated with sneakers has taken hold. As part of the relaxation of the male dress code, we see more and more men daring to wear sets of clothing that had been taboo until then. This is how we have seen suits being worn with men’s sneakers according to looks intended for the professional world. Accepted today, this trend is not without risk. It is not enough to put on the first costume immediately available, then pick up the pair of sneakers to carry. If there is no standard in this area, there are still small rules to follow to avoid any missteps. This guide is therefore intended to introduce you to the essential rules to keep in mind. Let’s get started without further ado!

The choice of his costume to go with his sneakers

We’ll tackle the costume first. The objective of combining it with a pair of men’s sneakers is to give it a more relaxed look. To avoid the contrast with the shoes being too pronounced, your costume should not appear too formal. The finish may then be too sharp. While you’re trying to create a half-dressy, half-cool look, people will mostly notice that the whole thing doesn’t fit together.

To circumvent this pitfall, be sure to choose a suit that is not too formal. This concretely means that it would be preferable to avoid fabrics with overworked patterns (such as Prince of Wales, for example) as well as three pieces. Favor relatively plain and classic suits such as a navy blue or gray two-piece.

Combining sneakers and a suit remains daring. That’s why you should keep in mind that it’s better not to overdo it with the costume. Keep it simple!

For example, prefer a plain white t-shirt under the suit to a shirt, always to avoid the overdressed effect of the shirt + suit combo.

The type of suit to wear with sneakers

The central element to take into account here will be the choice of fabric. The preciousness of your costume will therefore relate to the material and the finishes. Choose natural materials such as wool or cotton for a cool and chic look. Popular in mid-season and summer, the linen suit will be perfect for the summer season. Silky and satiny fabrics such as velvet or silk guarantee a dressier look.

Make sure the jacket is fitted at the length of your sleeves and well structured on your shoulders. As for the pants, opt for models whose hem or edge rests discreetly on your instep.

You will then have to pay attention to the textures and colors of your sneakers. They must be harmonious and consistent with those of your costume. And above all, the quality of the shoe must be at least equal (or superior) to that of the jacket!

Dark suits: what sneakers to wear?

Essential in men’s fashion, sneakers are ideal for comfortably walking the streets. Combined with a suit, they instantly bring a modern and relaxed touch to any look that is a little too formal. Putting on a suit looks cooler than ever!

Men’s sneakers can be a great complement to wear over a dark suit. On a black jacket, for example, it will be necessary to decide on the tones of the outfit by opting for pairs of white sneakers, clean and simple. Models in grey, black, or dark blue leather lend themselves well to a more classic and versatile silhouette.

Another piece of advice: in some cases, while it is true that high sneakers can be elegantly married to dress pants, we will prefer low models with a suit.

Light suits: what sneakers to wear?

Sneakers in general are hybrid shoes par excellence. As for the costume, it remains a basic of the male dressing room. It will accompany you throughout your activities. Your bright suits can benefit from a casual touch brought by sneakers. Seemingly classic, these can easily be modernized and twisted.

For a casual chic look, for example, men’s brown leather sneakers are a safe bet if they are associated with a beige, mottled gray, or light blue suit.

Minimal white trainers are also a very popular option to complete your outfit with or without socks. However, you must ensure that they are always very clean.

Neutral colors go best with all your suits. But you can always create a surprise by also daring colorful sneakers. This is a bold combination ideal for a sun-kissed figure.

What are the types of men’s sneakers to wear on a suit?

The market for men’s sneakers is booming today, so there is a huge variety of different models, at very different prices. Just scroll through the prices on online stores to be convinced: even for an entire week, you will not be finished.

Fortunately, not all sneakers will lend themselves to mixing with a costume. Also, remember: combining basketball and costume remains a daring action. This is why sobriety and simplicity are required in the choice of sneakers.

The white, clean, and relatively thin models are presented as a risk-free bet. Avoid as much as possible bulky sneakers (much more in the streetwear spirit) and running sneakers (their sporty spirit will not allow them to marry harmoniously with a suit).

Customizations and colors on the sneakers will not necessarily be avoided. It will suffice here to ensure discretion at the risk of appearing “vulgar”. Your shoe should blend in with your clothing without being too noticeable.

A small selection of sneakers to combine with a costume

Nowadays, finding minimalist sneakers to associate with your costume is rather an easy task when you know the rules to respect. Among the safe bets, we find in particular:

  • Low 1 by Oliver Cabell: the sleek and minimalist sneakers of this brand are perfect to go with a suit;
  • Achilles Low by Common Projects: we can’t talk about minimalist sneakers without mentioning this brand. Moreover, it is the Common Projects which has largely participated in the resurgence of popularity of these types of shoes in the world;
  • Stan Smith by Adidas: it is found at the feet of everyone and is no longer to be presented. The Stan Smith fits perfectly under your suits.

This list is not exhaustive. It is given as an indication to help you in your choices. By respecting the rules mentioned above, you will necessarily find what you need with brands likeVelasca Milano, Ascot x Charlie, Artisan LAB, Schmoove, Nike, Pied de Biche, Belledonne Paris, Axel Arigato… The goal is to keep it simple, yet chic and fashionable. Don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine.

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