Top 10 Least Visited Countries In The World

If millions of people dream of enjoying tourism in France, Spain, or the United States, this is not the case for the 10 countries here. 

The least touristic countries in the world are not always without tourist interests. If nobody or very few tourists go there, it is undoubtedly because of the dangers that reign there in large and the lack of activities to do. According to official figures, here are the least visited countries in the world.

1. Somalia, a very dangerous country

A country in East Africa, Somalia is one of the most infamous countries in the world. On social networks, the country is not recommended for tourists. Moreover, less than 1000 foreigners land there each year for tourism. It is a poor country where danger reigns permanently. The jihadists are never far away.

However, the country does not lack tourist attractions: the Laas Geel mountains, Liido Beach, Cape Gardafui, Jaziira Beach Muqdisho, etc.

2. Yemen, an almost inaccessible country

Yemen is a once-visited country in the Middle East. But tourist numbers have dropped dramatically since the Yemeni civil war broke out in 2014. This has visibly ruined the country and the steps to access it are increasingly difficult. However, some places still keep the charm that was theirs. This is an example of the Socotra archipelago, Shoah Beach, the ancient ruins of Marib.

3. Equatorial Guinea, difficult procedures

Very few people go sightseeing in Equatorial Guinea. It is not because this Central African country lacks charm, but because of the difficulty of the administrative procedures. It is indeed one of the most corrupt countries in the world.  That said, getting a simple visa is an obstacle course where you end up paying several times for the same document.

4. Tuvalu, a very small archipelago

Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country in the world. There are about 11,000 people there. Unfortunately, their living space keeps shrinking every year due to advancing water. Although the archipelago has some tourist interests, they are very few and the experience is sometimes described as boring.

5. Kiribati, almost nothing to do there

An island country in the central Pacific, Kiribati is described as a heavenly place: sandy beaches, lagoons, etc. But apart from swimming, walking, and contemplating the beauty of nature, there is nothing to do in this country. Also, very few people go there, since the price of the ticket to this destination is very high. Each year, the rising waters reduce the living space of the inhabitants.

6. South Sudan, a new country

South Sudan is a country in North Africa that came into existence on July 9, 2011, after it seceded from the Republic of Sudan. During the years which followed its independence, it was the theater of an armed war that collapsed its economy and its tourism. About 5,000 people visit here each year and the experience is not always a pleasant one. Life is difficult and meals are expensive.

7. Marshall Islands, small

The Marshall Islands are located in Oceania. With an area of ​​181 km², it has a population of around 50,000 people. With all these people, there isn’t enough space left for tourists: the islands are very small. However, they have some tourist interests.

8. Libya, difficult to access

Since the Arab Spring movements, Libya has never regained its stability. What makes any foreigner who wishes to enter there a potential suspect? Obtaining a Libyan visa is a real obstacle course and the country is dangerous, due to the frequent armed conflicts there. Although the country is not lacking in interest, going there is putting your life in danger.

9. Sao Tomé and Príncipe, are cool, but little visited

An island country in central Africa and close to the equator, Sao Tome and Principe is one of the wonderful destinations on the African continent. It is a state where nature has taken up residence from tropical forests to rock and coral formations, tourist interests are diverse. Unfortunately, the country only welcomes around 8,000 people each year. However, it is harmless.

10. Turkmenistan, about 9000 visitors per year

Turkmenistan has practically the same problems as Sao Tome and Principe. From historical monuments to green spaces, the Central Asian country has reason to attract tourists. However, it only hosts around 9,000 people a year. The first problem is undoubtedly its proximity to dangerous states such as Afghanistan. However, several people say that it is also difficult to obtain a Visa there. The best is to go through a travel agency, even if you have to pay a little more.

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