Beauty Advice Discover The Interview With Widnie Alexis Hair & Makeup Artist in Paris

The bride’s beauty is an essential point not to be neglected during your wedding preparations. This is where the Hair and Makeup Artist, more commonly called the hairdresser and makeup artist, comes in.

This is why, today, I decided to interview Widnie Alexis, Hair and Makeup Artist in Paris so that she can give you, ladies, her advice and tips so that you can be even more dazzling on your wedding day.

Why Widnie you ask? For the simple reason that beyond the values ​​we share such as quality, simplicity, and authenticity; she has an incredible talent for enhancing the natural beauty of every woman. On your wedding day, you should feel beautiful and yourself. To do this, Widnie will be inspired by what you exude, and your personality and will offer you an elegant and natural beauty look.

Hello Widnie, I am very happy to be able to interview you and allow future brides to benefit from your expertise through this interview. To begin, can you please introduce yourself?

Hello Justine! I’m Widnie Alexis, I’m 31 years old and I’m a makeup artist and hairstylist. It’s been 11 years now since I fell into the category of those who take pleasure in highlighting the beauty of women. My style is meant to be natural, elegant, and timeless. I am based in Paris but, specializing in bridal beauty, I work throughout France and abroad.

What do you like and what motivates you about this job?

What pleases me and motivates me in this profession is not only the happiness that can be read in the eyes of a woman when she discovers her beauty, but it is also the freedom that my brides grant me in the expression of my creativity.

Can you explain to us how your support takes place?

My service is not limited to carrying out the beauty on the wedding day. After signing the contract, I support my brides in the choice of their hairstyle & makeup as well as in the choice of their accessories because for me there must be perfect harmony between the beauty and the outfit of the bride. bride. I advise them on skin and hair treatments according to their problems. Sometimes, as a hairdresser who has worked in a salon, at the client’s request I can provide home care such as shampoos, treatments, cutting, blow-drying, etc.

As a wedding planner, I advise my clients to do their hair and makeup trials on the morning of one of the dress fittings. Can you tell us how much time the bride-to-be should allow for her trial with you to plan this day?

This is also what I advise my clients. This way they can have an overview and plan for the big day. For the hair and makeup trial, you need to allow 3 hours. It’s certainly a long process, but that’s when you can ask your hairdresser/makeup artist everything.

Future brides don’t always know what beauty look would suit them best  (bun, loose hair, type of makeup, what color to choose, etc.) what advice can you give them on this subject?

Your hairdresser/makeup artist is there to help you with your choices. Usually, I ask my clients to share with me:

  • a photo of their wedding dress
  • photos of how they usually do their hair, makeup
  • photos of them naturally, without hairstyle and makeup
  • the type of beauty treatment they like and what they don’t like

This is an opportunity for me to see what might suit them depending on their body type and what they like. Thus, we go through elimination until we arrive at the style that corresponds to their personality. On the day of the test, we personalize everything to make this beauty treatment unique.

On the big day, do you ever stay with the bride to take care of the hair and makeup touch-ups?

Yes, I sometimes accompany my clients all day to touch up their hair/makeup, particularly for the couple’s photo session and for the start of the reception.

I systematically recommend to my clients to put together a special D-Day survival kit which includes, among other things, a makeup and hairstyle touch-up kit. Do you offer this type of kit to your clients? What do you recommend putting in it?

When I am not present for touch-ups, I offer my clients a touch-up kit. For the perfect survival kit, you will need mattifying paper, compact powder with a powder puff or brush, lipstick of the same shade as that applied by the makeup artist, tissues, and hairpins (ask your hairdresser the same as those put in your hair).

Could you tell us how to optimize the hold of makeup on the big day to avoid having to re-powder your nose every 3 hours? What advice do you give to future brides and grooms to prepare their skin?

The secret to long-lasting makeup is good preparation of the skin before and on the wedding day: hydrated skin!

I recommend reviewing all your habits 6 months before the wedding to have hydrated and luminous skin.

In a few points:

– Drink 1.5 to 2L of water per day

– Eat healthily by avoiding foods that are too fatty, too sweet, excess tobacco, coffee, and/or alcohol because the elimination of toxins occurs through the pores and this can cause pimples

– Get enough sleep

– Use products adapted to your skin type (normal, oily, combination, dry) and your skin condition (dehydrated, sensitive, acne-prone, mature).

– Remove makeup

– Cleanse your face morning and evening with a lotion suited to your skin type

– Apply a toner to prepare the skin and facilitate the penetration of the moisturizer

– Apply a serum (more concentrated in active ingredients than the cream, it penetrates deep into the skin to reach the skin cells)

– Apply a moisturizer according to your skin type and condition

Many brides-to-be change outfits during the day or evening and also want to change their hairstyle or makeup. What do you think is the best time and how much time should be allowed in the schedule?

During the day in my opinion it is not necessary to change the beauty if there is a change of dress. However, for the evening it is possible and the most suitable time is before the start of the reception, during the reception (after it is opened by the bride and groom of course). I advise brides to allow 30-35 minutes for change so as not to keep the groom and guests waiting too long. Choose a hairstyle that can be changed quickly, and a makeup that just needs to be intensified (changing the color of the lipstick, adding glitter to the eyes or creating smokey eyes, etc.)

What are the mistakes to avoid before the wedding in terms of hair and makeup?

For hairstyle, do not try a new technique: cut, bangs, color, perm, straightening, or balayage because some of them are irreversible. For makeup, do not try new products or treatments that you have never tried before at the risk of having an allergic reaction, nor long exposure to the sun to avoid sunburn (redness, peeling, etc.). your last treatment 5 days before the wedding (eyebrow waxing included).

Do you have an anecdote to tell us to illustrate the importance of this advice?

One of my clients had her eyebrows waxed the day before her wedding and was burned by the beautician. Fortunately in his misfortune, the size of the burn was small so it wasn’t visible much. Another of my clients got a sunburn on her nose the week of the wedding, her skin started to flake on the big day. Applying foundation to peeling skin is neither pleasant nor pretty to look at and Exfoliating at this stage will cause skin irritation.

Would you have any other advice to give to our readers, a final word?

On the big day, plan to be alone during your preparation. You chose your makeup artist/hairdresser for her talent, trust her!

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